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Racist Black Student Extorts University President Over Facebook Video


In the latest of the ongoing campus shenanigans taking place over only the last several weeks, an extremely racist white-hating student at the Washington State University is attempting to extort better grades out of their University President over a video which was posted online and sourced clips from an earlier video created by the head of the WSU College Republicans.

The original video from which the clips were taken

In the now deleted video posted by the anonymous ‘Ultra Meme Lord’ Facebook Page, clips from the YouTube channel of political activist and Washington State University College Republican Head James Allsup were spliced between clips of dancing African children along with additional editing techniques common to popular online viral videos.

Here's the video for people who haven't seen it 🙄🙄 #WSUCommunity

Publicado por Tyisha Brown El em Quinta, 4 de maio de 2017

The video created by an anonymous meme page which sourced James Allsup’s clips

Because the video from which the clips were sourced was created by a Washington State University student, this has led a member of the Black Student Union at WSU, Tyisha Brown, to launch a campaign of online attacks against fellow student James Allsup, whose original video ‘Being Educated By Black Lives Matter’ has been seen nearly 500,000 times on YouTube. Apparently, someone using his extremely popular video in a way that was offensive to Tyisha Brown is grounds enough for the University President, Kirk Shulz, to begin a major virtue-signalling campaign.

The University President responding to pressure from black racial activists

However, claiming victimhood status is never good enough in and of itself, declaring to the world how wronged you have been is only useful if you then use that victimhood to make demands of people, and that is exactly what students at the Washington State University have begun doing. Racist and white-hating Tyisha Brown sent a threatening email to the University President demanding preferential grading on her final examinations, while other students have called for final examinations to be shut down completely.

A student demanding all final examinations be cancelled

Racist student making threats to get better grades, “they get the message”

However, despite declaring herself as an eternal victim who is completely innocent and has been wronged by the evils of the world, Tyisha Brown’s Twitter history shows an ongoing hatred and pure racism directed towards white people. While declaring a witch-hunt against fellow student James Allsup, whose videos were used in a manner outside of his control, Tyisha Brown has conveniently forgetten she has had full control of her Twitter as she has engaged in continued and hostile remarks against white people in general over the years, and can be described clearly as a racist who holds deep seeded hostility towards people based solely on the color of their skin. Here is a collection of some of her more hostile white-hating tweets over the years.

Will Tyisha Brown be held accountable and be made to apologize for these vicious remarks she has made against white people over the years, or will the University President side with the racist greivance-mongers who seek to paint themselves as the victim while attacking innocent students and making outrageous demands of the University administration? If there is to be true equality on university campuses we must see Tyisha Brown be held to the same standard for her remarks as a white person would be for making similar remarks attacking black people.

Editor’s Note: The students who recorded the original video are facing a lot of heat during this smear campaign against them, let’s try and share this article as far and wide as possible so we can get their side of the story out! 

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  • Excellent report exposing this young woman’s hypocrisy. Good job!

  • bigal4u

    Eff off back to the jungle then!!

  • James Morgan

    For those still sitting on the fence – ask yourselves this. When Whites are a minority in this country, will crowds of blacks and browns protest for White rights? Or will they continue their efforts at a slow-motion White genocide? Look at what life is like for Whites in South Africa where they handed over power to blacks. Whites are 9% of the population but make up 40% of all murder victims. In five years there will be no Whites left in SA. They hate you. No amount of virtue signaling or contrition will make them not hate you.

  • What is the Color of Crime?
    Is it true that 90% of all black homicides are perpetrated by blacks?
    If inter racial crime is also 9:1 blk on wht –
    then virtue signalling is more than moral cowardice,
    it is tantamount to complicity!

  • Spirit of 1776

    BLM and only BLM and we are going to kill you if you don’t believe it!They’re not racists….they’re black Hitlers