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Asian Lesbians Lead UBC Talk To ‘Dismantle Whiteness’

If you’re white, I have some good news! Two Asian lesbians at the University Of British Columbia in Vancouver are using public funds to dismantle you!

No, you shouldn’t be concerned, and definitely don’t ask them any questions about it as those words may be ‘violence’, it’s a very normal thing for people to lead workshops about ‘dismantling’ the other races they live with.

The talk in question is a publicly funded event at the University of British Columbia, where event organizers Kay Ho and Kaymi Yoon-Maxwell, self-identified lesbian Asians, will be teaching whites on how they can be better allies in the neo-Marxist ‘revolution’.

Watch out evil whitey, these Asian lesbians are coming to dismantle you!

Yes, if you are a Canadian taxpayer you can rest easy knowing that your taxes are going towards paying young women to attack white people and lead a Communist revolution on university campuses.

From their description:

“This workshop will explore your social responsibilities to the revolution and your personal responsibilities to BIPOC communities, friends, peers, and tinder dates.”

Is it too far to lead an entire workshop on dismantling a race? How would a white person be received if they went to an Asian country to lead a seminar on ‘dismantling Asianness’? Do you think they would be well received in a country like Japan for example? Or would they be run out of the country in a heartbeat?

Well, the event organizers are fully aware that they are being ‘provocative’ and admit it openly.

They say they are not trying to be ‘cruel or malicious’, yet when I as the reporter asked them a question about their event they said I was harassing them. Yes, someone leading an event on dismantling a race is ‘somewhat provocative’ but asking that person a question about their event is ‘harassment’. Welcome to the wonderful world of university campus Neo-Marxism, something that average hardworking Canadians are toiling long hours to pay for when they fund these public universities.

Don’t worry white people, they’re not trying to be cruel or malicious! They just want to dismantle you!

Here’s the link to the event, maybe you want to go ask the organizers a question and see if you get further than I did in receiving an answer back.

Waking Up ‘Woke’ Whites: A Workshop | F-Word Conference

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  • “Two Asian lesbians at the University Of British Columbia in Vancouver are using public funds to dismantle you!”

    Given that this is your level of understanding (i.e. shitty) why should anyone take you seriously?

    • Why ideas in the market place of learning (i.e. a college campus) when it is so much easier to attack anothers position with ad hominem invective?

      Because they are indefencible and morally repugnant.
      That Socialist Government can forceably enslave (i.e. tax) their herd to pay for the destruction of the minds of their own children is insufferable.

  • Lee Eng

    So i grew up very liberal family. Do not hate other races be kind all that good stuff. Then the gay movement comes along I play the same violin and I am kind. Most the lesbians I met were friendly in there teens, friendly but distant in there twenties, then confused and upset in there thirties and by forty they are extreme man haters. I realize now lesbians are not about a women loving another women they are more about hating men.