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Upcoming Free Speech Battle: Richard Spencer Speaking At Auburn

After witnessing the latest battle between Free Speech and the Radical Far-Left Antifa Mobs in the Battle of Berkeley (alternatively named the Berkeley Beatdown), we didn’t have to wait long for our next outbreak of violence between those who want to participate in free speech and those who want to shut it down.


Last Friday’s Battle Of Berkeley¬†


On Tuesday April 18 we will see Richard Spencer, de-facto leader of the nascent Alt-right movement attempt to speak at Auburn University in Alabama. Originally Spencer had successfully booked a speaking event at the University, which Auburn reluctantly granted on grounds of honouring the first amendment, but after receiving terroristic threats of violence against the institution, Auburn had stated they had corresponded with the police and ultimately chosen to pull the event.

This ability of an institution to rescind their invitation to have a speaker present their point of view based on third party threats is something called the heckler’s veto and has already been litigated by the Supreme Court of the United States. In their ruling the Supreme Court decided that it was invalid for an outside force to unilaterally shut down the free speech of a given individual through threats and intimidation.

This however did not stop the University from pulling their invitation from Spencer, whose fees to the University were already paid, nor does it appear this will be stopping Spencer from having a presence on the University, as he has declared he will go ahead with some sort of speaking arrangement on the campus regardless of whether it has been officially sanctioned.

Spencer’s video on Auburn cancelling his event


The event appears to be scheduled for 7-9 PM and I have reached out to Spencer for confirmation that this still reflects the time he will be appearing on campus.

Regardless of whether you support Spencer or not, the fact is he has a right to free speech based on the First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States. The radical left, best embodied by their violent manifestations in ‘Antifa’, are a common problem to all those who value free speech and a free society.

Antifa indicating they are ready to use violence

Even if you disagree with everything Spencer has to say, I believe you should defend his right to say it and therefore if you want to support free speech, or you’re just worried about missing the next awesome happening a’la the Berkeley Beatdown, I’d say check out Spencer’s event scheduled for tomorrow and make sure those who want to stifle free speech and free expression are dealt another vicious defeat as we’ve seen with the Berkeley Freedom Rally last Friday.

The Official Facebook event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1010141609115842/

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