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BREAKING: Antifa Girl Caught On Video Advocating Violent Communist Revolution


Free Speech Report is coming up with the definitive profile of all collected info on Antifa Girl real name Emily Rose Marshall, the antifa member who rose to fame after receiving a solid shot to the face and later being discovered to be an amateur fetish porn actress (more on that to come).

More on Antifa girl’s fetish porn past in an upcoming article

In a video that has been absolutely repudiated by the internet with a well over 100:1 thumbs down to thumbs up ratio, Antifa Girl came out from under her antifa rock to claim she was the victim in the situation. However, recently video has surfaced of Antifa Girl justifying the throwing of M80 explosives into crowds of innocent rally attendees. Her exact quote, in response to whether she condemns this use of explosives against innocents is that “the revolution isn’t fucking easy”.

Antifa girl calls for a violent Communist revolution

Here we have a woman, an amateur fetish porn actress at that, who came to a rally completely protected by the first amendment with the express purpose of ‘collecting nazi scalps’ (ie premeditating to commit violence), pictured throwing bottles into crowds (ie engaging in violence) and openly stating she is calling for a Communist revolution (ie justifying violence). However, in the local CBS affiliate piece she has painted herself as the victim.

Evidence of Antifa girl throwing bottles into the crowd

Let’s spread this info far and wide: Antifa girl is not an innocent victim, to the contrary she is someone who openly engages in violence to bring around a Communist revolution, in her own words. She should be utterly condemned and should face charges of political terrorism for engaging in violence against free political expression.

The internet agrees: Antifa girl is a domestic terrorist

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  • Open advocation for the enslavement of those around you and the commision of acts of violence warrants jail time at the very least. How many millions died at the hands of Communist dictators in the 20th century?