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Antifa Girl Responds To Becoming A Meme, Internet Downvotes Her At 100:1 Ratio

Antifa girl has responded to her recent becoming a meme to tell local San Francisco Bay Area news the story of how she went to retrieve ‘100 nazi scalps’ but ended up being on the receiving end of a strong punch to the head which sent her to the ground.

Unfortunately for her the internet has not received it well and at time of publishing the YouTube video has received 1900 thumbs down versus 15 thumbs up, coming in at a ratio of well over 100:1.

It seems as with the Battle Of Berkeley, the Free Speech side was more numerous and more powerful and has overwhelmed Antifa and delivered their narrative a defeat.

You can view the video for yourself here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when Free Speech Report breaks a huge story regarding Antifa Girl being caught on video advocating violence.

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  • Hellno Kitty

    Nasty woman…

  • klarax

    Bottles ppl. Wants to hurt ppl. Plays victim when she’s stopped. Horrible person.

  • Dave Quesnel

    she said on face book she was going there to take scalps a 100 and as i saw she went to punch some alt right guy and he knocked her the fuck out and just to say her people she was with where the one hurting people and the trump people and the right and the alt right said fuck it no more abuse and gave them there meds a good shitkicking

  • Dave Quesnel

    what a lair there the one’s pulling people in and beating the shit outta them and we said fuck this shit and made them leave no one can do that to someone without the idea that it will happen back to you fucking cunt

  • GTR003121

    Vile creature, too bad nothing was broken.

  • butteposter

    hahaha she should go back to doing hairy nudes

  • Romney Marsh

    Her description of the incident is COMPLETELY different than what the video shows. That mold has gotten to her brain. She’s no victim. She’s a liberal liar. Go figure. The libtard media is painting her as a victim. Makes them look more than stupid.

  • Countdown Till Bryce’s a FA

    I’ve seen this girls ahole 1 too many times for my liking

  • Nathan Hand

    She was wielding a wine bottle and tried to clobber the guy. There is video.

    “Glassing” is a serious crime. It causes horrific injuries. She’s a terrible person.

  • Albert Machtfrei

    When you put in writing that you plan on committing violence, give a statement on camera that you are fighting a revolution and intend to commit violence, get caught on camera committing violence and then say afterwards that you were peaceful.

  • ThePiller

    The Chans disproved every aspect of her victim story multiple times but she still sticks to it. Kudos.

  • States Rights

    Wooly Bully, the hairy vag that launched a million memes.

  • Hunn

    Check the video, now we are at 1000:1.

    Her porn rating is at 14888, praise kek.

  • Full-Metal

    She has a hairy butthole, ewwww.

  • Spirit of 1776

    she was throwing glass bottles at these people shes lucky they pulled their punches …she keeps up this activity and she might loose her daddys financial support.We were trained to????by who???