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Bill Mitchell Is Utterly Destroyed By Stefan Molyneux Over Syria

Today we witnessed an epic face-off between two incredibly popular and outspoken personalities, with Twitter Pundit Bill Mitchell arguing on behalf of Trump’s airstrikes against YouTuber and political commentator Stefan Molyneux, who argued against the use of 59 Tomahawk missiles in striking a Syrian government airfield.

Both men supported Trump during the election cycle, with Mitchell engaged in outright Trump advocacy on Twitter, with Molyneux taking a more nuanced position of supporting Trump within the context of Trump being the best hope for the future of Western civilization.

However, this debate soon turned into a sideshow as Mitchell was exposed time and time again as failing to be willing to question the authority of the President, eternally having displayed himself for all to see as a sycophant of any and all of Trump’s actions. It became quite clear that Mitchell’s position regarding Trump is: if Trump is behind it, I’m behind it.

Molyneux was easily able to expose him as someone who lacks a principled approach to whether the reward was worth risking a large military conflict that some are even calling a precursor to WW3.

Mitchell deserves a lot of credit for people such a strong Trump advocate during the election season, but the ‘independence’ of Mitchell seems to be in question as he seems to be a complete partisan. His choice to attack on Twitter with the smear of #FakeBase those who are skeptical of Trump’s decision to strike the Syrian government does a disservice to the loyal populist base of Trump which advocated so hard for an America First approach.

It should also be remembered that Bill Mitchell was promoted heavily by President Trump when President Trump retweeted two of Mitchell’s tweets three weeks ago. Mitchell seems keen to stay as a totally willing and unquestioning advocate of Trump, which was high on display during Molyneux’s deconstruction of Mitchell’s lack of a principled approach.

Do you think that Stefan Molyneux utterly exposed Bill Mitchell as a sycophant and unprincipled cheerleader of Trump’s decisions? Watch the full debate and let us know in the comments below.


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  • ThomasER916

    What really happened in Syria to demand drone strikes on an airbase?


  • Both supporters and critics are exposed as sycophants and haters when they fail to argue with reason and thus weaken their cause. Libertarians voted for the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’. Using a ‘False Flag’ attack as pretext for aggressian is about as bad as it gets.