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Politically Incorrect YouTube Celebrities Duke It Out With Establishment Media


Since the response of YouTube celebrity PewDiePie to an increasingly hostile media campaign against him by members of the mainstream press we have seen a continued battle now seemingly picked up by other popular YouTube personalities. Other large and influential creators have now joined PewDiePie and are engaged in a back and fourth with the media, notably including personalities JonTron and Chris Ray Gun.


These names may seem insignificant: how powerful could a man who calls himself PewDiePie really be? Consider though for a second the fact that PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg of Sweden, is YouTube’s most popular channel with over fifty-four million subscribers, beating out literally every other channel on Earth, including all the big Hollywood media companies. In fact, he’s quite ahead of the field with the second place YouTuber having only thirty-one million subscribers.


JonTron (real name Jonathan Jafari) has a channel with over three million subscribers while Chris Ray Gun has a little over three hundred thousand. To be clear, when a PewDiePie video reaches over five million people, he has reach that large exceeds for example the combined viewership of many of the top television pundits. PewDiePie also has next to no editorial oversight and therefore no implicit need of censorship, he is free to explore topics exactly as he would like.

With this in mind, it’s been incredibly interesting to see the unfolding of the ongoing battle between the coalition of these YouTubers with their supporters, and many others involved in the gaming community, who have organized themselves in opposition to legacy media in the past.

This will definitely be an interesting storyline to continue to watch, we certainly have not seen the last of this fight yet.

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