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UK To Begin Legal Process To Leave EU On Wednesday

The Brexit vote on June 23, 2016 shocked the world and the British political establishment. However, since the British people came out to support the Brexit vote, Brexit advocates such as Nigel Farage have had to continue to stave off a renewed political attack by those who were unhappy with the decision to leave the European union. Finally now though, the leader of the British Parliament, Theresa May, will trigger Article 50, thus formally beginning the negotiations with the European Union.

The backlash against the vote for Brexit has been most pronounced within the political establishment and elites of the UK, who along with most establishment media, establishment banking etc, had been overwhelming on the ‘Remain’ side of the campaign. The referendum after passing in the favour of Nigel Farage and those who wanted to leave the political union had been and will likely continue to be fought tooth and nail by the interests which had opposed it. Even the Prime Minister of the time, David Cameron, had staked his reputation on it, and resigned immediately after the vote passed.

Certainly the European Union itself will continue to be hostile towards losing one of the more prosperous countries of the political union. Nigel Farage has been squarely opposed by the¬†Brussels establishment even as he’s worked within the European Parliament, actively working to undermine it as everyone within the parliament building was surely aware. The party he founded, UKIP or The UK Independence Party was created by Nigel Farage with the sole purpose of leaving the European, and after over 25 years of labour he will seemingly be able to achieve his goal as the UK is set to enter its legal negotiations with the European Union about its departure.

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