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Liberals Argue Against Free Speech At University of Toronto Debate


In a move that probably few thought they would see in their lifetime, a group of organized liberals are taking place in a debate on free speech on a university campus. While that may not seem surprising, the shocking thing is that they will be arguing their positions AGAINST freedom of speech in a University of Toronto debate between the U of T Young Liberals and the U of T Conservative Student Association.

I reached out to the organizers on Facebook and received a response about the format of the debate, the Conservatives Group, and this was their response:

“The general position that the liberals will be taking is that of restrictions, and the Conservatives will be countering with the argument free speech needs to be respected. The debate will focus on two areas of free speech in particular: safe spaces and slurs. Slurs meaning should there be legislation preventing the usage of racial slurs or bigotry and safe spaces is pretty self explanatory.” – UTM Facebook Page

The event is being organized on Facebook and can be found below:

Should Free Speech be Restricted? Hosted by UTM Conservative Student Association

In the past a core tenant of the idea of being liberal is the utter devotion to freedom of speech. However, with the rise in the left’s move towards SJWism, safe spaces and ‘trigger warnings’, being a Young Liberal today means arguing against the evil conservatives in favour of culling freedom of speech when the speech ‘triggers’ you and makes your university not feel like a ‘safe space’. In Canada there are already laws against using freedom of speech in ‘promotion of hatred of identifiable groups’, so  in an Orwellian twist, we will actually see liberals arguing explicitly against speech that is fine legally, even with Canada’s ‘hate laws’, but that they simply don’t like.

If we haven’t yet, I think we can conclude that the old ideas of what a ‘liberal’ was, are completely over.


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  • Maggie McAuley

    We actually just had this debate at the University of Windsor last week. What is the line between free speech and hate speech. And the Communists (like legit part of the communist club) went so far as to say they would ban th Dalai Lama from speaking if it offended Chinese Students.